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Hi, I’m Lucy.

I am a young self-taught artist based in Broome, Western Australia.


Ever since I was little I have been sketching, drawing, painting and have always been very interested in my surroundings.

Especially animals catch my attention and inspire me. 

I create paintings and illustrations portraying the beauty of nature and its animals.
My fine-art prints and cards are all printed in my studio here in Broome.
The natural environment and vibrant colours of the Kimberley region are a huge inspiration to me.
I watch humpback whales leaping out of the ocean, turtles hatching on the beach and camels strolling in the sunset light and I thoroughly enjoy observing and painting their different colours, expressions and movements.
When painting, I mostly lay focus on one animal at a time, creating a growing collection of artworks representing the vast variety of animal species while reconnecting us with the natural world and its importance.

With my art, I hope that I am able to illustrate the natural beauty that is all around us whilst spreading awareness of endangered species.
I hope to bring bright colours into people's life, a funny illustration or a personalised pet portrait (which by the way is a perfect gift idea, hint hint)!

I love to see people smile and the fact I can achieve this with my art brings me joy.

Shinju Matsuri.jpg
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